Based in north central Indiana, The Stormworks offers multimedia, new media, digital media, and traditional media solutions for clients looking for something with and edge. From traditional fine arts to digital photography and film-making to graphic design for web and print, The Stormworks offers a broad spectrum of services to fit your needs.
Need a music video or promotional video done? We can do that. Radio spots? We've got that covered too. Need an album cover for your next release? What about promo photos? Need a logo for your new band or business? We can do all that and more.
The Stormworks offers a number of artistic and design services in traditional, digital, and new media, including graphic design, photography, audio production, and video production--marketing and promotional materials (such as posters, show flyers, business cards, and sticker designs), album covers, video projects, and band and business logos are among the many services The Stormworks offers.

Photo & Video
Photography by Rob Salem/The Stormworks has been featured by National Geographic's Your Shot, the Indiana State Department of Agriculture, and multiple news organizations​​​​​​​.

Photography services include, but are not limited to:
Concerts & Events
Journalism & Documentary
Promotional & Marketing
Political & Corporate
Landscapes & Wildlife
Public Safety & Emergency Services
Travel & Expedition

In addition to professional photography work, The Stormworks offers video production services that include music videos, promotional & marketing videos, documentaries, travel films, short films, and more.

A full gallery of images is available here.

Graphic Design & more
Beyond photo and video, The Stormworks offers limited graphic design services that include promotional flyers & posters, logo design, album covers, digital composition, social media packages, and consultation. 

Sample designs and composites:
Album Cover for Salem's Childe "Paradise Lost" EP
Digital Composite
Digital Composite
Logo for Fade Invaders Recording Studio

For project inquiries and quotes, or general questions about The Stormworks, our services, or how we can assist and serve your new media needs, please email

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